2017 Ryde the Hangar

Silly Cyclers

The Silly Cyclers are back at again this year to raise funds for a life saving cause. 

This year the event has manifested into something much greater than imagined! All spin studios in Saskatoon will be bringing their bikes down to the STARS Hanger for hours of high energy ryding! 

As a team - Hillary, Joyce, Sara and Tiara need your support to make it possible to keep the Stars in the sky!


Joyce: "Once again, I'm involved in the STARS air ambulance fundraiser. I strongly support this fundraiser because I've witnessed the importance of having this service available. Without the help of STARS, I would have lost family members. STARS continues to serve the critically ill and injured patients. It is a service that is a necessity in our province. Through your support and contribution, STARS can continue to save people and keep our loved ones with us. Please give, generously, so we can continue the use of this vital service."

Tiara: "Having my mom, dad and grandma living in a small town with limited access to emergency services, I feel thankful and safe knowing I have STARS to depend on in the case something goes wrong. STARS has helped my family as well as numerous other families across Canada, please donate to continue to support their amazing cause"  

Sara: "I have decided to once again do the STARS air ambulance Ryde the Hangar. Ryde the Hangar is a ONE OF A KIND spin-a-thon- fundraising event held at the Saskatoon STARS Base. Stars is an organization near and dear to my heart. My husband was involved in a terrible rig accident in the middle of the bush in Northern Alberta and because of access to STARS he was able to get critical care sooner; which likely saved his life!! Studies showed about half the deaths due to trauma could have been prevented if patients had received critical care sooner. Your donation could save a life !!" 

Hillary: "This event is very important to me, as I have been able to witness it grow even more this year. Ryde the Hanger is necessary to keep the STARS in the sky. STARS has saved family and friends very close to me. Because of their emergency services and donation from folks like you, I was able to have extra time with family members. Please donate today so other families out their can recieve the gift of time with their loved ones"

Together, we can help ensure that STARS can be there for the next patient in need.

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Thank you to our sponsors