About STARS air ambulance

When a life is on the line, everyone has a role to play.


The sight of a red STARS helicopter is a beacon of hope for those in their moment of need.

Since we embarked on our first mission in 1985, we've been driven by the goal of providing people the vital care they need when they need it the most.  Whether it's offering hands-on training to rural medical providers or providing rapid, emergency medical transportation for the critically ill and injured, we work to anticipate and act when people need our help.



Our allies are the lifeblood behind our life-saving efforts.  Their support is what fuels our passion and our innovation to be leaders in our field.

Our fundraising model is unique.  We rely on the support of government to help keep us in flight.  But to keep us on the cutting edge of crticial medical care, we look to the support of the business community, individual donors and volunteers.  Allies like you.

When you support STARS, you ride along with us on every mission.  You put the most advanced tools in our hands.  You help ensure our crew receives the top training.  With you by our side, we are all STARS.

Thank you to our sponsors