Fundraising Tool Kit

Create your personal fundraising goal

  1. Create your personal fundraising page

    1. You can create a custom URL for your personal page so it is easier to remember. Under, “Edit Your Personal Page,” click on “URL Settings,” you can then enter your name into the box and click “Save.” Please ensure there are no spaces. The name or words you enter will need to be unique.

      Your Personal Page comes pre-populated with content about Ryde the Hangar - unless you personalized it in previous years. If you are a returning participant, please be sure to update the dates on your Personal and Team pages. We recommend you personalize this page so it is YOUR voice that your friends and family are hearing. Tell us why you support STARS, or a personal story about a mission that has touched your family.

    2. You can preview your Personal Page from the content menu by clicking the “Preview” link. When viewing your personal page you will see your personal content and image as well as the following items:

      • Donate now button (to donate to your personal fundraising)
      • Join my team button (only if you are on a team)
      • A link to donate to your team (only if you are on a team)
      • Achievement badges (earned for reaching fundraising milestones or by making a self-donation)
      • Personal Progress bar
      • Fundraising Honour Roll (a scrolling list of your donors)

      **Please note as the Team Captain, you will also have access to the TEAM PAGE where you can update and add the same information for your team**

  2. Share your personal fundraising page on your social media outlets

  3. Email friends and family through your Participant Center - the site comes with pre-populated templates for sending out emails to solicit gifts, ask people to join your team, and to send out thank you notes. We suggest you also personalize these messages so your recipients hear your unique voice.

  4. START YOUR FUNDRAISING TODAY! - The quicker you start your fundraising efforts, the more money you will fundraise. So get your ASK on!

Fundraising ideas to support your fundraising efforts!

Corporate Matching - Ask your employer to match your fundraising efforts in support of your Ryde the Hangar Challenge

Office Newsletter/E-blast - If your company distributes newsletters or interoffice emails, take advantage of these! This sort of communication is a perfect way to get the word out about your team and fundraising efforts!

Barbeque - Get your friends, family, and neighbours together and grill up some burgers. You can raise money by charging for each item or creating a meal deal (e.g. hamburger, chips & pop).

Pancake Breakfast - hold a pancake breakfast at your office, local church, or park.

Game Nights - Invite friends over to partake in board games or card games like poker. Let everyone know that 10% of winnings are payable to “the house,” which will become donations.

Car Washes - Host a car wash. Ask a local gas station to donate the cleaning products, and the space. Put up balloons and signs, and wash away! Even get your kids involved!

Promoting your fundraising event

  1. e-vite/e-blast: This is one of the most effective ways to get the word out about your event. E-vites can be sent out to your own network, and then forwarded on by those received the first blast. People are more likely to attend an event if they are invited by their friends and colleagues.

    Timing is key. Be sure to send out a “save the date” e-invite at least 6 weeks before the event. You should also send reminders a few weeks before.

    For low-number emails, this can be done from your personal account using the BCC field, so others cannot see who is included in your email list.

    If you are emailing to more than 50 people, the use of an online mail program is recommended: and are two easy-to-use programs.

  2. Social media: Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram can be used if there is a creative way to promote the event in an interactive way that engages followers.

  3. Posters: Good old paper posters in local shops and other high traffic areas are still effective. Generic posters are available from STARS. Posters can also be used electronically as attachments in e-blasts or on social media and websites

  4. Local media: There are a couple of ways in which you can tap into local media to promote your event, depending on the scale.

    Community newspapers: many rural newspapers are willing to promote local events with free listings or ads. You can sometimes propose a feature story that could also be used to create awareness for events. As many community newspapers/newsletters are strapped for time, if you write a short submission including the what, when, where, who and why of the event and any highlights it will have a better chance of being published. A letter to the editor is another great way to let people know about an event.

    Local radio & TV: many local stations have programs (e.g. morning shows) that are well-suited for promoting fundraising events. What’s your favourite station? Often, it might be a good match for your target audience. Check out their website for community listing information and contact information for some of their hosted programs.

  5. STARS external website: Your fundraising event can be posted to STARS’ external website’s events page, which is promoted monthly on social media. To submit an event;

    • Click the “submit” tab at the top of the page.
    • Enter information into the required fields. For content, please enter important information such as location, times, cost, theme, etc.
    • Add a photo and link to your events homepage.

  6. Kijiji/Craigslist: These sites are a way to access some free publicity, and, with the right keywords, web search optimization. Read the following to decide if this avenue is appropriate for your event:

  7. Other ideas: Other creative ideas for events can sometimes develop through an early brainstorming session with the STARS communications and events teams. Please provide long lead time so resources can be properly devoted towards your event.

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